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Hesse machinery (Xiangyang) Co., Ltd. is Howard Falk Faith de Investment Holdings subsidiary, automobile industry development zone, the company is located in the historical and cultural city of Xiangyang City, the company is committed to the introduction of foreign advanced technology, professional R & D and manufacturing distributor of professional enterprises, the strength of the company, a technical team, professional equipment advanced, strict management, manufacturing distributors are at the leading level in the international and domestic distributor, our company produces fine workmanship, high degree of automation, simple operation, can achieve precise sowing, good uniformity, strong function, good quality, safe, reliable, economical and practical, the user after the well received at present products distributor, distributor field ODA (grain), organic fertilizer spreader, orchard spreader and other products, has sales in China Many provinces, city, sales and customer service service network is gradually formed, the product yield doubled, our goal is to build China professional spreader manufacturer, carry forward the Chinese artisan spirit, bring products to the world!

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Address: Qian Chang Industrial Park, middle section of Xiangcheng Road, Xiangzhou District, Xiangyang, Hubei Phone: 136-0727-1909 Cmailbox: 404882914@qq.com       QQ:40488291
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