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BZ1200 Double Disc Spreader 
type: Field Model: BZ1200
brand: HESSEN introduce: BZ1200 type distributor is well designed, compact structure, wide application, high cutting load, sowing width, high precision, time saving, labor, outlet design reasonable, fertilizer flow smoothly,
Capacity of material box: 1200 overall length: 1580
overall width: 1140 Height: 1390
Net weight of the whole machin: 290kg Throwing wide: 12~24m
Equipped with power: More than 60 horsepower Drive shaft speed: 540~720
Hole number of fertilizer outl: 2 Throwing blade number: 4
Adaptation to fertilizer type: Granular Oil cylinder working pressure: 10 MPa
Tubing joint thread: G1/2 "quick joint Performance introduction: Suitable for large area planting, equipped with medium and large tractors"


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